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Alderston Dairies

Project Details

Client: Alderston Dairies

Location: East Lothian, Scotland

Services: Precast Installation

Project: 3m high silage clamp

Product: Modular L & U walls

Duration: 3 days

About the project

Alderston Dairies is a third generation dairy farm situated in the beautiful East Lothian countryside. For many years the Hastie family had used Ag Bags to create silage for their herd of 300 Jersey cattle, but they decided that this method of silage storage was not an effective long term solution.

The construction of the silage clamps is to be in two phases. Phase 1 – to construct two 45m long open ended clamps. Phase 2 – will add a third clamp later this year, once the existing silage has been used and more space becomes available on the site.

During the consultation period, we discussed several methods of construction using precast products; using steel columns with pre-stressed panels, cast-in L shape retaining wall units & modular retaining walls.

As they will be laying an asphalt floor in the clamps they decided that the best option for them would be the modular retaining walls from JP Concrete.

There were other factors that made this product and method of construction more appealing to the Hastie’s:

  • Speed of installation – completed in three days.
  • Reduced groundwork & foundation costs.
  • Secure jointing system to enable good seal between the units.
  • The ability to create a safe walking platform between the units using the U walls and stair sections.
  • No need for planning consent, as walls are not a fixed structure.
  • Ability to qualify for the tax credit, as units are movable.

The images speak for themselves and the Hastie’s feedback has been very positive.

We look forward to returning later this year to complete the project and see the finished clamps in action…hopefully we will have the fine weather again as well!

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