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Butlers Services Agri

Project Details

Client: Butlers Services Agri

Location: Berkshire

Services: Design & Installation

Project: AD bund & silage clamp walling

Product: Modular L walls

Duration: 5 days

About the project

Hill farm is a second-generation family farm located in the Berkshire countryside. In 2015 they submitted planning application for the construction of a bio-gas, anaerobic digestion plant capable of supplying energy to approximately 2,000 homes.

They originally contacted JP Concrete Products to discus their plans after purchasing their cast-in retaining wall units for a silage clamp, which they had installed on the farm earlier that year. After discussing the requirements for two elements required for the AD plant; a 3m high bund wall to be constructed around the 3no digester tanks and an additional silage clamp for storage of maize, we were able to discuss the merits of using a new modular retaining wall system for this.

The team have worked closely with the client throughout the planning process, providing technical documentation and carrying out full design for the walls and foundation.

Due to the location of the bund and close proximity to the main access road for the farm, the wall on one elevation, would not only have to suitable for the containment of the digester tanks should they fail, it would also have to act as a retaining wall for the earth bank supporting the road.

Once given the layout and specification required, we put together a full design and installation package for the foundation and retaining walls for the bund and adjoining silage clamp. This included structural calculations, construction drawings and full installation service.

The total length of wall required was in excess of 300m which included an internal ramp into the bund from the road. We estimated that the time required to install the walling would be 1 week. The wall layout had it’s challenges, with varying angels required to form corners and using a combination of modular wall specifications to cope with the various loading’s required and stepped units to for, the walls for the ramp.

Mother nature unfortunately had her own ideas about our programed week for installation, delivering an estimated month of rainfall in just 48 hours! Fortunately this was not a prolonged wet period and once the water had drained from site, we were able to complete the installation only running over the schedule by a few days.

Once the AD plant has been installed we will return with a final section of modular wall units to close the end of the bund, which is currently being used for access to site.

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